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How To Take a Custom Suit From The Board Room to The Bar Room

07|31|2018 < All Articles

As a modern renaissance man you work hard. You play hard. You care about your appearance and have a sense of propriety. You know the importance of making the right impression and you strive to dress perfectly for every occasion.

But sometimes you’re pressed for time. It comes with the territory.

You’ve got a busy day at the office and a hot date after work. Or you close a major deal and want to go celebrate with your colleagues afterward. Your pals at Ace Custom Tailors have your your back. Here’s our tips on how too make a custom suit work for you for business AND pleasure.


Go To The Dark Side

Pick a dark suit. DARK, but not black. Black suits have become associated too deeply with funerals and formals, and they aren’t nearly as versatile. We never say never at Ace, but trust us on this one, a black suit is not your best bet. There are many dark shades to choose: navy, charcoal, slate, indigo, etc. If you’re in a creative industry even very dark purples and reds can work. If you’re career is more conservative, best stick with a shade of blue, brown or gray. Either way, there are a ton of options, so pick something that suits your personality (see what we did there?).


Make Your Point

An easy way to ad style points to your suit is to opt for a peak lapel. On an otherwise conservative dark suit, this can subtly dandy it up a bit and send the signal that you understand style. And maybe there’s more than just an attorney or CPA under that premium wool.


Vent Your Feelings

Body language says a lot in business meetings and on dates. Keep your hands out of your pockets as it can signal that you have something to hide, and sow the seeds of distrust. If you have the right body type, and are in shape, you may be able to pull off the Italian style of a ventless suit, which can help train you to keep you from playing pocket pool. If you simply can’t help it, opt for the British style vents: on the side.


Don’t Be Square

The simplest way to give a suit some style points is to replace the impeccably folded white linen square with one that is vibrant and patterned. But don’t fold this one, wad it up and stick it in the pocket and let the chips fall where they may. It should look a little haphazard. The Italians, the kings of style, call it “Sprezzatura”.


Sock Up

This ones is simple. Before you step out of the office, lose those dark corporate socks and go one of 2 ways: no show socks, or embrace the colorfully patterned sock trend.


Lose Your Shirt

A great way to dress up a dark, conservative suit before you head out to the watering hole is to change your shirt, Don Draper style. Replacing the starched white shirt with a colorful one says that you’re ready to let loose a little. Other great options are a plain or patterned t-shirt, or a modern polo shirt.


Right On The Button

When it comes to the number of buttons on a suit, numbers matter. 3 button suits are out of style. The most versatile is the 2 button suit. Another option is the one button suit, which is generally more formal, but some men can pull it off in less formal occasions. Bonus style point: If you opt for the 2 button suit, remember to keep the bottom unbuttoned when standing. Also, when you have a seat at the table, unbutton it.



Depending on your personal style, feel free to mix and match the perfect combination of these tips to ensure that your appropriately attired for both business and pleasure. To find the custom suit that works for any occasion, visit our Ace Custom Tailors custom clothier & retail shop. Happy suiting!

– Mark Palmer, Contributing Writer

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