Wedding Suits

Wedding attire for men used to be straightforward, a morning suit or a black suit with limited styling choices. Thankfully, the days of little choice of wedding attire for men are behind us. These days the wedding suit is a fashion statement. Wedding suits reflect the theme of the wedding, the groom’s personality, or that of the wearer. It doesn’t make any difference if you want a black suit, a tuxedo, plaid, a suit fit for European royalty, any color or style. What really matters is that the suit or suits work for the wedding, that is the most important aspect. Of course, making sure the wearer looks good is important too; that’s an aspect that is so ingrained into the ACE culture that it’s a natural part of what we do. We take the time to listen to your requirements, your desires for the look, the style, and the end results you want. That way, we are sure to get it right.

All our custom suits and made to measure suits share high quality materials from around the world. We are careful to source the best. We are a custom tailor shop and offer a range of option choices for your wedding. Our custom suits option ensures that the perfect wedding suits are available for the special day. You can add a fun pattern, lining to match the bridesmaids and maids of honor dresses. Every aspect is customizable, and the suits are skillfully handstitched in-house by our skilled tailors. Your groom and groomsmen suits can be in any color you desire, lined in any color you desire, cut to any style you desire. We get it; that in the twenty-first century, men’s fashion is highly important; we know that getting it right for your wedding is critical. We help all the key men for your wedding to look their best. Our suits can reflect your personality as the groom, and for the groomsmen suits, we can ensure that each suit reflects the personality of the individual wearer or continue to reflect your personality. You choose.

We have ofer 5000 swatches in our custom line for custom suits, so there is sure to be something that works perfectly for you. Our aims are simple, the wedding suits have to be precisely what you want, they have to fit the wearer perfectly, and they have to be of the highest quality within your budget. That’s our promise; our contribution to making sure your wedding day is perfect.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with selecting a black suit as a wedding suit. It’s the classic, tried and tested, timeless solution. The groom could have one color, and the groomsmen suits could be black. You then add some personal style to our custom made wedding suits. You may choose something bold or to personalize in small ways.

Whatever you choose, by doing so, you ensure that everyone enjoys a style that suits their shape and fits just right. Because of the way we work we can pretty much fit any body type, tall, slim, big, short, hard to fit, can’t get ready to wear to fit, chances are we can make the perfect fitting custom suit. The made to measure wedding suits are made for a perfect fit. You could select double and single breasted versions with the same color scheme and switch up each wearer’s silhouette for the perfect custom look.

You could raise the game with a black tuxedo. We can easily customize a tuxedo with the lapel size, shape, material, or through buttons or lining. Or the groomsmen suits could all be tuxedos.

The options are varied; you could select a velvet jacket or suit as a super classic and modern choice with a twist. Velvet paired with satin stripe trousers is just one of the endless options you could choose as part of an evening wedding option or for the groom to change into for the evening.

A white or cream groom’s suit is a stunning choice to match the bride. We can even match the shade of white or cream to the dress for a really well coordinated couple look for the special day. Match your suit with the groomsmen suits by adding touches like matching lining, ties, or cravats to pull the team wedding look together.

Wedding suits for the groom, father of the bride, and groomsmen suits can be made in any color palette of your choice:

Make a big statement with green, pale blue, light beige, or purple.

Be more subtle with mid blues, plaids with hints of color, or stick to grey stripes with customized buttons.

Go traditional with black, navy, or grey with the option of subtle customization to ensure perfection.

Ready to wear options can be pulled together for a look by using accessories in the theme color or to compliment the color scheme. Our skilled tailors can usually alter ready to wear suits to fit each individual. You can still select different styles to suit different shapes and personalities.

You can choose the accessories such as bow ties, ties, cravats, cummerbunds, and handkerchiefs to offer a fabulous way to bring the look together. Whichever options you choose for your groom’s wedding suit and when choosing the groomsmen suits and suits for the other key players, we help you by matching the wedding color scheme or by mirroring or complementing the bridesmaid’s dresses, thus creating a bespoke themed look for all the key gentlemen.

Whether you choose our bespoke made custom suits, made to measure, or ready to wear suits, or have black suits, we work with you to ensure that you have the best suit or suits for your requirements. Every detail is taken care of, the style, fit, fabric and accessories. It’s essential to dress for the occasion and to feel good in your clothes. It is crucial to get the groom’s suit right when all eyes are on the bride and groom for so much of the day. Wearing a suit that fits beautifully in your color and style choice means you will look and feel like a million bucks. The right wedding suit is the best way of optimizing your style and personality, and the perfect fit ensures perfect comfort to enjoy the day.